Sunday, November 10, 2013

Isale Africa Concept Logos

Hey guys, its been a while I know but putting stuffs together ain't easy pheww! Ok, down to business, me and my team stumbled on a client who was in need to totally re brand her company (actually it is a lounge), so we did what we do best market and sell brilliant ideas to our clients and Bam! we got the deal.

Now the lounge has a previous name but they want it changed to "Isale Africa" meaning inside Africa. I personally think its a good name, so we came up with a few logo samples to help the brand stand out.   

After the logo's which they totally loved all the concepts we further more did designs for the invitation cards and business cards because the launch holds on the 14th Thursday, 2013 in Lagos. If you are in Lagos, Nigeria at the Time don't hesitate to buzz in for the launch it is going to be epic.

More Designs and updates on Isale Africa untill after the launch do stay tuned.

ParagonEFX Studios Web Developer

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