Monday, June 4, 2012


I must say, June 3rd, 2012 was indeed a tragic day for nigeria and on behalf of team paragon, our prayers goes out to all the families who lost love once to the Dana plane crash in Lagos. May their souls rest in peace.

Ladies and Gentlement, boys and girls by Gods grace, the BRAND IT campaign just kicked off...yaaaaay!
Its an Initiative set up to encourage young entrepreneur and already existing businesses through a strong and very creative visual pakage.

Everything great starts from an idea but once that idea comes to you, dont forget it goes to alot of other people as well and what makes the difference is what is done with that idea, (Take Action) thats why when someone starts up a great business idea right in your face you tell yourself, hey!, I ve thought about that once but didnt do anything about it.

At Paragon Efx Studios we believe that Visibility is Ability, if nobody sees you, nobody knows you hence the brand it initiative, make a move for you business idea, get seen, be heard start making an impact in your field of endevour but first you have to be branded, know your Identity and thats why we are here, to guide you down the path of creative visuals.

Stick with us guys, more details coming up shortly on procedures on getting closer to been that business tycoon you have always wanted to be, add us on facebook Paragon Efx and follow us on twitter @paragonefx, dont be deceived Choose to be Different.
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